How the Internet Has Eliminated the Need for Paper Planners

iPod Touch

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Last time I talked about how the Internet had increased the simplicity of electronic planning devices, specifically the ipod although you could include many other devices, to the degree that they had overcome the gap between them and paper planners.
This post I will tell you about the components of a time management system that are necessary in a paper planner that can be replicated more efficiently now than in the past. Those components are:
1. A calendar
2. A todo list
3. A place for other lists
4. A contact list
5. E-mail

The calendar, contacts, and mail, for me, are handled by Google and are then routed through the native iPod apps.  The lists for me are handled by ToodleDo with the iPhone app from ToodleDo and the site itself.

Using these two services I get three things that are necessary for replacing the paper that I didn’t have in previous PDAs.

1. Automatic backups – The information is kept on Google’s and ToodleDo’s servers, and whenever I get into a wifi hotspot, the information I changed on the device gets backed up.

2. Ubiquity – I have the information with me all the time.  At work, even if I forget the iPod, which has happened once, all the data is accessible online.

3. Easy Data Entry and Management – This is mainly a concern for the todos, but the websites make it much easier to enter and, more importantly, organize the information during and after data entry.  Additionally, I can type a lot faster than I can write.  Even my typing on the iPod is getting faster.

So that’s it for now, next time is science time, as we’ll discuss Bellotti et al’s 2004 study of Task Management.  I can see that you’re excited.  I am too, because she agrees with me.


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