What do I mean by persistence when it comes to a time management system? I don’t mean willpower, because a PDA is an inanimate object. What I mean by persistence is the ability of the system to get in your line of sight and keep reminding you to pay attention to it. As you’ll recall from my last post, I had just gotten the secret government plans, no wait, different blog, I had just gotten a PDA which used the palm operating system, and subsequently my productivity dropped.
An important piece of information to have at this point is that I was replacing a classic sized planner. I carried that planner everywhere. It was full too. I had calendar, contacts, project lists, inserts, and forms I wasn’t even using but thought they looked cool. This thing had measurable effects on the tides.
As such, I never forgot it was there. I felt it when I was carrying it. I saw it when I put it down, because it took up a significant amount of space when open, and I heard the loud thunk made on my desk when I dropped it there.
In effect, it persisted in my attention and reminded me constantly that I needed to do what it wanted me to do.
Why didn’t my PDA do that?
I’ll tell you, because you’ve been so patient up to this point.
My PDA was in my pocket. If I didn’t remember to take it out of my pocket, it would stay there. I couldn’t slam it down on my desk for the obvious reason, and the beeps that it did make were on the pathetic side. There was no heft to it, no presence, no intrusion. It never got in my face to say, “hey, you’ve got something to do.
So how is my iPod different?
Find out next time.


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