My new ipod touch

I just got a new IPod touch, and boy are my thumbs tired. No, actually, I’m worried. Let me splain. No, let me sum up. Around about when I was, let’s say twenty seven, because this is already taking too long, I decided to work on my productivity. I started reading lots of stuff by Covey and people who copied Covey. I like him. He’s got a nice bald head. I want to rub it, but I digress.
After all this reading, I put the planner into practice and saw some significant improvement in my productivity. My wife was happy, but she’s easy to please. Anything that makes me less of a lazy slob is fine with her.
So for two years, roughly, I’m making strides, doing daily and weekly planning, and getting things done. Yeah, I read that book too, but I have to tell you, I don’t want to rub his head nearly as much. But then I made my first big mistake, I tried to improve the system too much too fast.
I bought a PDA.
I bought a good one, too. It was a Handera, which I’m sure you’ve probably never heard of, but we’re talking serious bells and whistles. Long story short, it was a disaster for my productivity, because of certain key factors that I will lay out it my next few posts. The first of which is persistence.


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