Lazy is a Loaded Word

The word lazy has negative connotations.  Yes, I know, it’s a judgement word, but it is applied so unadroitly, that it become overgeneralized to anyone who’s not doing what you think they should be doing.

Merriam Webster defines it the following ways:

1 a : disinclined to activity or exertion : not energetic or vigorous b : encouraging inactivity or indolence <a lazy summer day>
2 : moving slowly : sluggish

Reading in the library, not lazy.  Reading while everyone else is playing whiffle ball, lazy.  Playing whiffle ball in the library, not allowed.  I checked.

It is not the activity itself that determines the label lazy, it is the perception of the appropriateness of that activity at that time.  In Psychology, and you’ll learn a bit of Psychology if you follow my blog, behavior is caused by internal and external factors.  The internal factor is your personality, some of which is determined by genetics and some is determined by past experiences impacting your biology.  The external factor is the situation.  Try playing whiffle ball in the library, and you’ll see that the situation often constrains behavior.


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